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air freight

We offer a range of services into the Seychelles using scheduled Ethiad services as well as other carriers allowing us to provide a broad portfolio of freight & cargo forwarding choices.

As sole agent for Seychelles air we are able to offer great rates on regular airfreight into Seychelles International Airport. Services include:
  • Consols
  • Express
  • Door to Door
  • Packing
  • Hazardous


We offer weekly consolidation services out of Heathrow direct to Seychelles international Airport. for more information click here.

Island Hopping

Cargo can be forwarded by air from Seychelles International Airport by us using a range of local carriers with whom we have built up long term relationships with over the years. Internal airfreight can be handled in a range of aircraft including water planes and helicopters to any other nations islands.

Seychelles Island airports served include:

Alphonse Island FSAL Alphonse Island Airport
Assumption Island FSAS Assumption Island Airport
Astove Island FSSA Astove Island Airport
Bird Island FSSB BDI Bird Island Airport
Coëtivy Island FSSC Coëtivy Island Airport
D'Arros Island FSDA D'Arros Island Airport
Denis Island FSSD DEI Denis Island Airport
Desroches Island (Île Desroches) FSDR DES Desroches Island Airport
Farquhar Islands FSFA Farquhar Islands Airport
Frégate Island FSSF FRK Frégate Island Airport
Mahé Island FSIA SEZ Seychelles International Airport
Marie Louise Island FSMA Marie Louise Island Airport
Platte Island (Île Platte) FSPL Platte Island Airport
Praslin Island FSPP PRI Praslin Island Airport
Remire Island (Eagle Island) FSSR Remire Island Airport